Griezmann has just taken his Beckham obsession too far

Ethan Tait

David Beckham is the absolute man. Golden Balls on the pitch and sex symbol and pop icon off it, Becks is someone we all wish was our mate. The man obviously has it all. 

Antoine Griezmann is a known admirer of the English legend and has made his man crush and fandom very well known. Many things that the French international has done throughout his career has been in likeness of Golden Balls.

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The haircuts, the hair dyes, the number he wears upon his back- all have been in homage of David Beckham. What’s next? Asking David if he can have a night with Victoria to truly understand what it means to be his idol?

Admiring a player can be understood, but trying to copy his life and his woman is absurd.

The obsession needs to stop, but it doesn’t look like it will be happening anytime soon as Griezmann has announced his future plans for his footballing career.

After saying “Bugger off” to Arsenal in kinder terms, Griezmann revealed his Beckham themed future plans.

“The United States, is where I want to finish. I love the States. I want to have my NBA membership, go with my kids to every game.

I can already see myself there. I do not know yet the city but why not in the franchise of Beckham in Miami? To play under the orders of Beckham, it would be the top.”

Antoine-I have a hard on for Beckham-Griezmann

As much as the obsession is a bit strange, Griezmann could be obsessing over someone that is a lot worse. Beckham is handsome, wildly successful, and was a great footballer in his day. So, kudos to the Frenchman for choosing a great idol.

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But please, Antoine, have some chill. It isn’t cool to obsess so hard, Beckham wouldn’t approve.


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