The Portuguese player with a far greater goals to game ratio than Ronaldo

If you’re one of those people that bases the “greatest player in the world” discussion on goals alone, then prepare to have your mind blown. It turns out that you can forget Cristiano Ronaldo, because the player with the greatest goals to game ratio is someone you probably haven’t heard of before.

His name is, Fernando Peyroteo. The Portuguese man’s career lasted twelve years, and he spent every single second of it with Sporting Lisbon. This bloke’s goals to game ratio is literally 1.77 and if that isn’t enough to impress you, then LITERALLY nothing will be.

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Peyroteo makes Ronaldo look completely worthless, as if he was nothing but a Sunday League player in comparison to the great Fernando. His honours included being crowned the golden boot winner on six separate occasions, as well as playing a huge hand in Sporting winning eleven major titles during his tenure.

It’s sort of similar to when you think you’re billy big bollocks in the office. As if nobody can touch you and your position in the company is bulletproof when bam, all of a sudden a new guy who’s just that little bit better than you shows up to cock-block your promotion.

You are Cristiano Ronaldo, and Fernando Peyroteo is the guy your girl told you not to worry about. The late legend also had a thoroughly successful international career, hitting 15 goals in just 20 appearances for Portugal. It’s odd to consider that those games came over the course of a decade, but either way you cannot deny his dominance.

In total, Peyroteo’s career goal tally stands at 544 goals in 334 appearances. That thing you just felt was a chill in the air as everyone reading this realises there’s a new name in the discussion for the greatest goalscorer of all time.

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It’s not even as if the Portuguese division is shite, either. You have legendary teams that go alongside Sporting such as Porto and Benfica, with all three having numerous successes across Europe.

Who knows what Peyroteo could’ve done had he been given the chance elsewhere. Then again, why does it matter? The only thing that people need to know about this man is just how sensational his legacy in the sport of football truly is. Take a good look at greatness, ladies and gentlemen.


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