The former Liverpool player who proves how poor La Liga is

Boy oh boy, there have been some utterly worthless lumps of coal to have played in the Premier League over the years. For every Cristiano Ronaldo, there’s been a Robbie Savage, and good old Iago Aspas certainly falls into the latter category.

Now if you’re a Liverpool fan this is probably the time for you to stick on some Celine Dion, put your head back and cry yourself to sleep at the thought of this waste of space. Following a multi million pound move back in 2013 that now looks completely baffling, much was expected of Iago Aspas after his successful tenure in Spanish football.

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Then, well, you all know how this old rodeo goes – he was shite. Throughout the course of his Anfield tenure, the now-29-year-old literally took more corners than he had shots; maybe that’s where Harry Kane got it from?

Aspas was honest to god one of the most awful let downs in Premier League history, and his time in Liverpool was most commonly spent playing second fiddle to Philippe Coutinho. Maybe he even got to clean his boots once or twice, who knows.

Before the move even took place the Royal Spanish Football Federation actually attempted to block the transfer due to a dispute over representation, and perhaps that should now be seen as a foreshadowing of what was to come.

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By the end of the Spaniard’s short adventure over in England, most Reds fans would’ve rather had a current Emile Heskey lumbering around the pitch; at least he’d provide some fucking entertainment.

The thing that’s probably the least shocking of all this is upon returning to Celta Vigo, Aspas has been on fire. The former Sevilla man netted twice against Barcelona and last month even scored against England at Wembley.

Irony is a funny old thing, isn’t it? Or is that La Liga is just a joke of a league baring two teams?

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