Sunderland player had a contract clause even more bizarre than Balotelli’s

We all dream of that day when we sign our first professional contract. It’s something you’ve pictured in your head since you were a wee lad and whilst you may end up working in McDonalds, at least you’ll have that imagination of yours. Still, I bet you wouldn’t of imagined a clause in the contract as bat-shit crazy as this one.

Nobody quite knows what goes through the mind of a football chairman; I mean Liverpool included a clause in Mario Balotelli’s contract which gave the Italian one million quid for not spitting at an opponent?!

And somehow, Sunderland have topped that by quite literally doing anything to get ahead, which included losing their minds in 1999. Honestly, if you don’t know this story beforehand, you’ll never guess it.

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Back in ’99, Sunderland put pen to paper and signed Stefan Schwarz for just under £4 million. A reasonable price and a decent enough deal; so it would appear from the outside looking in. But nope, this one got weird way too quickly.

It turns out that the clause put into his contract was the following – Stefan could not travel into space. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. A professional footballer could not travel into outer space, and apparently the reasoning behind it was that one of Schwarz’s advisers possessed one of the places on a commercial flight set to travel there.

I mean, it’s not as if this bloke chose football as a career path or anything. No no, Sunderland were legitimately more worried about the prospect of him trying to become the next Neil Armstrong as opposed to making serious negotiations throughout the contractual process.

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Apparently the man who made the call stated that many more contracts will feature things like this is the years to come. Funny that, because it’s 2016 and we are still yet to see anything quite as retarded as this come out in the media. Who knows, maybe John Terry will go to China on the condition that he only sleeps with half of his teammate’s wives.


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