Wesley Sneijder has just buried Louis van Gaal

We all know the successful days of Louis van Gaal as a coach and how he nurtured his players, but there is a darker side to him which often came out. The ex-Manchester United coach is staying quiet at the moment, but seems to still be feeling the heat of his post coaching traumas. 

The Red Devils had one of their worst campaigns ever under LvG and by the time he left, everyone felt the discomfort barging on their heads, and no Louis, an FA Cup win won’t solve the problem. The worst part was, it was not only the players who had an impact, but even the working staff and the whole committee had a problem with him. And, the bitter part as to why the Dutchman had so many problems is revealed by one of his own countrymen – Wesley Sneijder.

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Sneijder thrived under van Gaal at Ajax as a sporting director before the latter started on his coaching duties to his national side. In the earlier days, Sneijder used to appreciate almost everything that van Gaal did; seems a lot has changed since then.

In an interview with Fox Sports, Sneijder stated:

“There is no better coach than Van Gaal, But I think there is room for improvement when you look at the way he deals with his players and staff.

I had a perfect time with him on the pitch, as a coach. But as a human being, I have had nothing but trouble with him on a personal level.”

Wesley Sneijder

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This does beg the question, was Sneijder missing out on the sort of treatment, Marouane Fellaini was getting? You know, the sort of defence the Belgian’s manager put up for the midfielder in post-match comments; ‘the pulling of de hair ish only allowed in shex masochism’.

All jokes aside, as a player you need to maintain a good rapport with the coach on the field and off the field. Sneijder’s relationship with his coach clearly indicates that his mental issues were the main reason for his unsuccessful finish towards the attacking-midfielder’s career.

Still, we know the coach may be bad, but ranting it out as your frustration towards the media… Sneijdi, cool down buddy. How necessary is it? Whilst also, digging out the archives from LvG’s Premier League exploits, it sort of makes us miss the Dutchman.

Enjoy retirement, Louis.


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