Six possible outcomes from Roberto Firmino’s court case

Adam Brown

Just as the Loris Karius soap opera ends, Liverpool insist on returning to the spotlight – and this time it’s Roberto Firmino who has got himself into some controversy. Following Christmas Eve celebrations, the Brazilian decided to drive home over the limit and was stopped by police… must have missed Helen Mirren’s Christmas advert ?. 


It’s baffling how stupid players can be sometimes, the situation could have been much worse. There’s sure to be some conflicting hopes by fans on the verdict of the court case which is scheduled for the 31st of January, and here’s the possible outcomes…


To be fair, Firmino is a huge idiot for his behaviour here and he has let Liverpool and the fans down massively. He may even be lucky that he was pulled over, it could have been much worse if he had crashed or injured someone.

It may be a case again of footballer’s believing they’re untouchable – at least he’s already started to repay the fans with a goal and solid performance against Stoke – the Liverpool faithful will soon forgive him. They may even protest outside the entrance to the court for him!


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