The Spurs man is the greatest full-back in the Premier League

Looking around the Premier League, there’s enough pace and quality in the full-back positions to fill a 100 metre Olympic race, with the lads balancing a ball on top of their heads. For every Hector Bellerin or Nathaniel Clyne on one side of the flank, there’s a Luke Shaw or Aaron Cresswell on the other. Top, top players, and even more so encouraging that most of the chaps are English.

However, Spurs are lucky enough to hold the aces to the two full-backs who are in a different league to the rest. The pair offer everything, and Danny Rose was simply outstanding in Tottenham’s 4-1 dismantling of Southampton on the South Coast.

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Rose was immense in the match, and his assist for Dele Alli was nothing short of everything a manager wants from his full-back; positive, aggressive, quick – and listen up, Antonio Valencia – a final product.

Even the Spanish version of the Roadrunner, Pedro, has cited Rose as the toughest opponent in the Premier League this season following an interview with the Telegraph correspondent, Matt Law…

“When I interviewed Pedro last week I asked him which player in the PL surprised him. He said Danny Rose and rates him as his toughest opponent.”

Matt Law

Lets just stroke the left-back’s ego a bit more this Christmas by seeing a comparison between Rose and fellow Premier League ‘full-backs’; and sticking with the Chelsea theme, another player to receive wide plaudits this season in the shape of, Victor Moses.

It’s fair to say, Moses plays more of an ‘advanced’ position than Danny, being part of a 3-4-3 formation, yet it is Rose who has created far more chances in less games. Moses ability to get forward this season has been praised by any Tom, Dicky and Harry, yet Rose has somehow been the more progressive out of the pair.

Source: Squawka
Source: Squawka


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If you then have a look at the Spurs player’s defensive ability, the left-back once again makes new Chelsea fan boy, Marcos Alonso, look like the Spaniard should be earning his bread back at Bolton Wanderers once more.

For all the praise heaped on the Chelsea No. 3 for his strength/ability to adapt in England, and consequently playing a crucial part in Antonio Conte’s winning streak, it’s the Spurs No. 3 who comes out on top when winning duals.

Source: Squawka
Source: Squawka

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The Englishman’s capability is therefore evident to see both in his defensive and going forward outlay. Better than, Kyle Walker, though? Fantasy football players don’t seem to think so. Walker’s been selected by 36.9% players in comparison to Rose’s 6.6% to current date.

However, in five less games, Rose is just one shy of Walker’s assist with three to his name. On top of this, Rose once again seems more positive and adventurous going forward by having a total of 20 shots this season. He therefore seems more willing to get forward and when you’re as fit as a fiddle, you can do it throughout a whole 90 minutes just like Rose did at St Mary’s against, Southampton.

Source: Squawka
Source: Squawka

The bottom line is, in a caldron of top full-backs, Tottenham have the pick of the bunch. But, Danny Rose is the stand out, and if Luke Shaw’s not careful with his injuries, Jose Mourinho might not be the only manager the former Southampton player has a problem with.


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