Renault RS17 Launched

The Renault RS.17 launched online today and shows the Enstone team’s fierce looking car that will be driven by Nico Hulkenberg and Jolyon Palmer. The team have set the objective of 5th in the Constructors for the upcoming season.

Cyril Abiteboul said that the team are looking to achieve a strong result, and that Renault will be leading in some areas this season. The panel of Renault Sport personnel also believe that the BP/Castrol partnership will also give the team an advantage.


Tommaso Volpe, Motorsport Head of Infiniti spoke of the development of the ERS system for the upcoming season given that 2017 marks the first season that Renault and Infiniti have co-created the ERS system, they believe this puts them in a stronger position from the perspective of collaboration.

On the new 2017 regulations Abiteboul said,

“we need to be patient but it seems positive news for all of the teams including renault. It’s a reset, everyone starting from a clean sheet, an opportunity to accelerate the catch-up to the midfield and the bigger teams. the big teams will remain the big teams but it’s a chance to catch up.

In terms of racing, it will be more demanding for the drivers, our two drivers will cope very well with this kind of situation. ”

– Cyril Abiteboul


Abiteboul continued with a mention of the Renault drivers, including reserve driver Sergey Sirotkin,

” We’re very happy to continue with jolyon, he’s been extremely talented and kept his head down. He had a remarkable final third of the season.

We also continue with Sergey Sirotkin after a very good gp2 season, he will continue to develop in his reserve role and will have a greater opportunity to run in the car on Friday, he has an desireĀ to be at the factory, he is very focused.

Nico is joining us this season too, he played a fantastic role in securing 4th for Force India, Nico will be an example for all of us, we are really looking forward to driving forward in the coming years. ”


Alain Prost, who is already heavily involved with the Renault e.dams Formula E team also announced he has joined the F1 team as a special advisor.

“My position will be taken from behind the scenes, what is important is to give the best input and strategy possible to become a winning team in the future.”

– Alain Prost



This is Renault’s first proper season as a full works team, they’ve had the full time to prepare for the upcoming season and are expecting to finish 5th in the Constructors in 2017.


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