Eight former Premier League managers destined to be on Pointless

Pointless is one of the more stress-inducing games on British television, harnessing the ability to make you hate yourself for not remembering a certain person or figure. Nonetheless, the following eight men truly deserve their future place on the hit TV show due to one thing and one thing only – they really were, utterly pointless.

Now this isn’t to say these men haven’t had highlights at some point throughout their careers, because they truly have, but the Premier League just wasn’t the place for them. Like, not even a little bit…

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If you’re a fan of any of the sides these men managed, then our hearts go out to you. It must be hard being asked the question of “so who’s your gaffer these days?” and you literally scrape the barrel of relevance to try and make that light bulb go off in their head. “Oh yeah he was erm, assistant manager at erm, that team, you know?” Devastating stuff.

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