The Carlos Tevez bashing has to stop

Carlos Tevez is making the highly publicised move over to China for an absolute shedload of money. The uproar from fans and media alike has been through the bloody roof and to be perfectly honest, it’s all a bit silly from an outsider’s perspective looking in.

One of the big problems that people have with it is just how much of a mercenary Carlos Tevez appears to be. I mean everyone and their mother has brought up the quotes from 2010, during which the forward stated he hated how money-obsessed the sport was becoming.

Because yup, nobody else throughout the history of time has ever gone back on something they said. It isn’t even like Tevez gave his word that he wouldn’t make a multi-million pound move in the chance arose, the guy just said how he felt at the time.

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Football fans are some of the most hypocritical in the world and there’s probably around 2% that can honestly say deep within their hearts that they wouldn’t take the same deal. Carlos Tevez is very much following in the David Villa footsteps when it comes to career trajectory, because the Argentine has literally won a bucketload of silverware throughout his long career.

At Boca, Corinthians, United, City and Juventus the 32-year-old lifted some form of league title or cup, and when you really think about it what else is there to accomplish in the domestic game? Tevez has been around the world creating history since the day he debuted, and it’s only really World Cup glory that eludes the former Premier League star and it’s not like he’s retired from international football.

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Also please, for a second, open your minds to the thought that he has a family. Whilst Carlos wouldn’t have exactly been making peanuts for Boca, the increase in wages now makes him the highest paid player in the world and it doesn’t matter how much you’ve said in the past, if you’re given an opportunity to earn £615,000-a-week you need to take it.

What ever future Carlos had planned for his wife and children has just become all the more lucrative, and what father wouldn’t want to provide that kind of stability for his kids? The quality in China may not live up to Europe or even South America, but it’s a new experience that Tevez has the luxury of picking and choosing. If you still harbour ill will towards this man, then all we can say is this – jealousy is an ugly trait.


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