Wenger is damaging Ozil’s career progression

Arsene Wenger has been accused of a lot of things over the years and rightly so. The Frenchman is way past his prime and as he continues to age at the rate of a drug addict, more and more problems are arising – like his protective stance on Mesut Ozil.

Look, Ozil was phenomenal during his early days at the Emirates. The German midfielder could do no wrong and he was honestly one of the best players in the league, but that simply is not the case anymore. The bloke has lost a step and for all his brilliance, the end product on the pitch isn’t up the standards we are used to seeing.

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It makes some of Wenger’s recent comments all the more baffling. As reported by Metro, the ‘mastermind’ behind The Invincibles spoke about Mesut’s abilities.

“He is of course a huge player and I’ve always defended him here in press conferences. I think there still a gap with his goals in training and games and I’m convinced his finishing will go up in the coming months.”

“He works hard. He had one or two games this season where he was frustrated – the one that comes to mind was the Manchester City game where he was criticised. But, if you look at his contribution overall this season, it’s been fantastic.”

Arsene Wenger

Can you just be honest, for once in your bloody life Arsene? Show those grapefruit sized bollocks that we were used to seeing over a decade ago now or briefly during the Jose Mourinho feud. There are so many issues stemming from Wenger’s lack of man management and they continue to decrease with each passing year, with this Ozil incident highlighting the problem more than ever.

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These days it always seems as if the former Monaco boss lives to protect his players. Whether it’s their performances on the pitch or actions off it, that fire inside of the once great gaffer is gone. There’s no passion or burning desire anymore to kick the arse of any squad member that isn’t giving 110%.

When you’re down in the dumps at half time and in need of a motivational speech, you aren’t going to get that from Wenger. Not a chance. Those lads don’t give a flying fuck if they lose because the next day it’s business as usual and back to work – and by work, we mean barely scraping into the top four year in and year out.

There’s a problem with the mentality of the players, and it couldn’t be demonstrated better than by Wenger’s protection of Ozil. The attitude needs to change, you can’t just expect the players to lose a game, and be all happy families. Wenger doesn’t affect the players enough, and if the Frenchman had called out Ozil more often, or not defended him so unnecessarily, the German probably would have got his ass in gear more often.

It’s the age old story of the veteran that doesn’t feel like they need to give it everything anymore. Arsene was once one of the most disciplined and feared managers in all of Europe, but now the guy is a shell of his former self. You hear the stories of past Arsenal players talking about how much they had to go through to get to the top, and how it was all worth it.

It begs the question – will we ever see that side of this Premier League legend return?


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