Arsene Wenger has had the last laugh over Draxler’s move to PSG

The world of social media is a problem on so many levels, it creates a smokescreen that certain players are actually anywhere near the sort of level that their regular ability portrays. Take Paul Pogba for example; yes, a brilliant player. And once every six weeks at Juventus, the Frenchman came up with some outrageous strikes. This does the rounds on your Instagram and Twitter feeds, people start speaking and suddenly the midfielder is worth £89million.  

Now, with all eyes in England watching the Red Devil play every week, you don’t quite see the same midfielder that you saw on your social media feeds.

The exact same can be said of Julian Draxler. A good player? Definitely. Proven? Absolutely not. And, here we are at another transfer window, and we have countless Gunners slamming Arsene Wenger for ‘missing out’ on the German, following the winger’s transfer to PSG. Cue the memes, cue the Le Professeur bashing… 

But, how many Arsenal fans can say they’ve actually watched Draxler play for 90 minutes? Those of you saying: ‘I’ve watched him play all the time in the Bundesliga, the young lad’s the German Messi’… put your Pinocchio nose away.

You’ve probably seen the German hit a few stunners on your various social media channels, and suddenly joined the bandwagon on pundits of the likes of Paul Merson spitting utter garbage, supported by evidence of Draxler being ‘world-class’ by moments such as 30 minutes of turning Slovakia inside out in a 3-0 Euro 2016 victory.

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Draxler has no way proved himself to warrant such applause, and for everyone in north London suddenly brandishing your ‘Wenger Out’ banners once again, for failing to brush his cobwebs off his wallet this new year, just have a look at the German’s record.

Draxler has registered 38 goals in 215 appearances before his move to PSG, and following a ‘stellar’ campaign last season, the 23-year-old registered all of five assists. Worthy of £34million quid? Not really. We think Wenger is the real winner here, and the Frenchman’s better investing that money in a new pair of trackies and trainers.

Draxler is just another overhyped player, propelled to faux stardom by the world of social media. If we all put our tablets down for a second, and actually watched these players play regularly, transfer fees would probably not be as ridiculous as they are.

A stigma is created because of 12 seconds, which go viral every now and again. And then the next thing we know, Liverpool will probably be paying out £50million for Iago Aspas.

Ultimately, though, the most amusing part of it all is the offence Arsenal fans seem to feel over the fact Arsene Wenger didn’t listen to them and sign who they suggested. Utterly laughable.

Imagine if Draxler had come to the Premier League, would he end up becoming one of the greatest Germans to play in the top flight of English football?

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