There’s no reason for Giroud and Mkhitaryan’s goals to be remembered

The footballing world has been pleasuring themselves into a coma over the last few weeks, all because of two men – Olivier Giroud and Henrikh Mkhitaryan. No it’s not because one of them looks like a Greek god, but instead because of their recent scorpion kick goals. Unfortunately, Buzz Killington is here to tell you that they aren’t as good as overhead kicks.

There’s been a long winded debate regarding whose strike was better – the Arsenal man’s or the United trickster’s. To be perfectly honest, this isn’t even the conversation people should be having. What they should instead be debating is why Wayne Rooney hasn’t slapped them both silly and directed their attention towards a true wonder goal – his strike against City.

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When you break both of these goal types down, they really don’t compare whatsoever. First of all, the only man who deserves to go down in history for the scorpion kick is Rene Higuita. I mean come on, having the bollocks to do that at Wembley as a keeper is pretty impressive.

Second of all, the skill required for both attempts varies dramatically. Let’s look at the ‘oh so glorious’ scorpion kick for a second. Good old Mkhitaryan barely even knew where he was directing the ball the Armenian sure as hell didn’t intend for it to go in the corner. He simply checked his run, stuck his leg out and hoped for the best.

The same can be said of Giroud. When it comes to deciding what to do in the situation they were given, what choice did they have? As their momentum took them forward all they had to do in the moment was stick their foot out and hope for the best. Where’s the precision required in that? We talk endlessly throughout the season about lucky goals, and more than anything else that is what has transpired for both of these men. Yeah we said it.

Now let’s take a glance over to the oh so beautiful overhead kick. Stylish. Crisp. Perfect. No we aren’t describing Giroud’s face. When the decision comes into your head to attempt and overhead kick you know there are serious risks involve with the maneuver.

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First off, the timing has to be perfect. Whereby with the scorpion kick you simply wait for the ball to strike you and see what happens, the overhead kick insists upon the player waiting for the ball to fall or arrive at just the right height before twatting it. Then, the positioning of your body needs to be immaculate. More often than not you must turn your back to goal, which is a fearful task alone, before athletically turning your body to the point where you must still summon the strength in your leg to get the desired power.

It’s really not rocket science when it comes to the scorpion. The goals that we’ve seen over the last few weeks were pretty at best, but as special as people have been making them out to be? Not a chance.

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