Team Liquid Partner With Mobalytics To Adopt An Analytic “Moneyball” Approach

Team Liquid have announced that the eSports organisation will partner with gaming analytics company Mobalytics, working together to push contextual analytics forward in the competitive scene. The partnership, announced at Techcrunch Disrupt in New York, will see TL’s coaching staff, players and analysts begin working alongside Mobalytics experts ahead of the NA LCS Summer Split.

Competitive League of Legends has seen far too many roster swaps fall flat on their face. Unknown Korean prodigies, solo queue heroes, even seasoned veterans have flopped upon moving to new teams; Team Liquid are looking for an analytic method to roster swaps that will significantly improve the chance of successful transfers – the failed signing of Adrian “Adrian” Ma from Phoenix1 was an expensive mistake.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

The Mobalytics platform is designed to dissect complex player data, offering insight on how to enhance and develop talent with a focus on optimal performance:

“Video games like League of Legends are incredibly complex, with ever-changing dynamics, game states and win conditions.

“Our vision was to build the best performance analytics platform the gaming world has ever seen and we now are excited to leverage the resources we acquired since winning TechCrunch’s StartUp Battlefield last year to make this vision a visceral reality.”

Dr. Amine Issa, Co-Founder of Mobalytics

The application of analytics and statistics are part and parcel of traditional sports such as baseball – famously presented on the big screen in the film Moneyball – but are yet to be successfully applied to League of Legends eSports in a meaningful way as of yet.

One justification for this is the black and white nature of the statistics currently available to League of Legends analysts. Kill to death ratios or damage per minute figures will only ever tell half the story in a game with so many variables. A potential area of improvement would be to focus on team resource usage-related statistics, damage output per gold for instance.

Fellow North American organisation Echo Fox are known to have used platforms such as Twin Galaxies as “pseudo- analytics” to help recruit the members of their H1Z1 team. FOX representatives have since outlined their intention to implement similar strategies within other eSports titles, including League of Legends.

“A lot of companies have attempted to do data analytics in League of Legends before, but Mobalytics is the first that I’ve worked with that has been able to look below the surface of bread and butter damage and kill-score and do analysis in a way that actually provides value to a professional League of Legends team.

“I’ve been working closely with Dr. Issa and his team and think that Mobalytics’ vision for what data-driven analysis can be closely matches my own. I’m incredibly excited to work with them and believe that this will be the beginning of a hugely successful partnership.”

Josh “Jarge” Smith, Team Liquid’s Head Analyst

Source: Riot Games Flickr

Mobalytics is currently in private beta for the general public, though summoners keen to get their hands on more data can sign up for an invite by heading over to their website. Team Liquid will be hoping their partnership with the analytics provider offers the squad an edge over their competitors for the forthcoming NA LCS Summer Split.


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