The Premier League XI who have saved their season

Injuries, manager mood swings – ahem, Pep Guardiola – or, just some players deciding to find their feet after finally getting over ‘Ibiza-2K16-wid-de-ladz’, has brought many back into the frame at their respective clubs. It may have taken until November/December, but it has led to many Premier League players now seeing their names first on the team sheet, and not staring at a Jexit. 

With players improving, it’s either led teams to climbing the table, or in the case of Manchester United, winning six games in a row, and find yourself going from sixth position… to sixth position. Here are the lads who have all turned their seasons around in a 3-5-2 formation…

Not a bad XI, and the chaps all deserve a new year pat on the back, subject to whether managers are on their monthly period or not; looking at your here Jose, and Pep.

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