Thomas Muller should be replaced by Mesut Ozil

First things first, Thomas Muller, for those who believe the German is anywhere near world-class, and come running to the Bayern Munich man’s defence, can you please admit one thing: the German has to pull those socks up; he reminds us of those village people in a Shrek movie. 

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Muller has been carried by better players around him both at domestic and international level. The German is lazy, and carries an unmerited reputation purely given to him by playing in a poor league, and being surrounded by talent.

What does Muller offer? What’s his main strength? Not even the producer of FIFA 17 knew, yet, felt obliged to give him a poorly judged 87 because of the guy’s CV…

“A case is Thomas Muller, who isn’t good at anything, really, apart from his positioning.”

Michael Mueller-Moehring

Couldn’t agree more. To be fair to the German, he does have a knack of being in the right place at the right time. This is a skill you can’t exactly teach, and something that comes intrinsically to players. Acting on this instinct has allowed Muller to play at the top level for some time.

But, if you took the player out of a Bayern Munich or a German shirt, you’d barely notice the bloke. And, it’s hardly as if Muller repays the favour to his colleagues, the only area the German seems to assist in is being quite a good pal…

Away from keeping Xabi Alonso warm, Mueller-Moehring further highlights his predicament when it came to rating Muller on FIFA 17 by identifying how for a forward, the Bayern Munich man is missing so many qualities to be a top player.

“But he’s [Muller] not a great dribbler and he can’t really strike the ball properly — his finishing is sometimes really, really off.”

Michael Mueller-Moehring

It now seems that the penny has finally dropped with the Bayern Munich man. With just one goal in 17 Bundesliga appearances to date, the attacking-midfielder is struggling to hold down a regular spot, and as Bayern legend, Lothar Matthäus, has argued, there’s no room for Muller in Carlo Ancelotti’s system…

“It will be really tough for Muller to fight himself back into the starting XI in the second half of the season,

They are playing an attacking midfielder behind Robert Lewandowski instead and I think Thiago Alcantara is the right man for that role. He is much more flexible than Muller.”

Lothar Matthäus

With this being the case, there’s no chance Muller could play on either flank, as he just doesn’t have the pace or crossing ability to occupy either position. He’s not exactly the most sharing of teammates as well, with just the five assists in the whole of the Bundesliga last season, and zero in the Champions League this year; poor. This leaves the German in a bit of difficult situation, and an issue which was purely inevitable for the attacking-midfielder as his career dragged on.

The guy does not have good enough footballing attributes to continue playing at the top, and instead could consider himself lucky replacing Julian Draxler at Wolfsburg.

Who should Muller’s replacement be? A world-class player; a player whose constantly proved himself in a tougher league, and surrounded by lower calibre players. Step up, Mesut Ozil. Michael Ballack believes the German should head to the German giants, and he would provide far more contribution towards Bayern Munich. The Gunner’s been voted German player of the year for five out of the last six seasons, already outshining Muller in that area; so, throw the better German a bone, Carlo. Sign him up.

We might not rate Muller, but Arjen Robben seems to approve of his Bayern Munich teammate. Who else joins the German in Robben’s greatest XI… 

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