Dele Alli shows the British public haven’t learnt their lesson

Adam Brown

It’s very easy to get carried away after a player has a great game. Dele Alli is of course, a good player, but it’s far too early to be comparing him to the likes of Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes. 

His form right now is unquestionable with seven in his last four Premier League games – including two which waved goodbye to Chelsea’s streak.

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With Chelsea looking untouchable before they went to White Hart Lane, these claims which suggest that Alli is England’s best ever midfielder are simply a reaction from the league’s relief that Chelsea aren’t going to run away with the title after all. Effectively, Dele Alli has saved the Premier League season.

Fickle football fans will constantly change their opinion, especially on the notion of young English players. They have a good year, and then the big tournament comes.


Many fans have short memories. Whilst reaching 20 goals quicker than some of the games best ever midfielders is impressive, this doesn’t mean he will go on to be as good as them. If people are so reliant on stats, why not look at Alli’s assists? Two in 29 appearances this season – shocking for any midfielder, never mind an attacking one.

In the age of social media, players are now much more exposed to criticism and expectations online, it’s a distraction and it isn’t helpful for young players to see they’re being touted as the next Gerrard. If Dele Alli is to reach his maximum potential, he needs to be free of this comparison.


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Yes, he has shown that he’s got the potential to be a great midfielder for England in the future, but lets not get too carried away over a short spell of games where he’s been on fire. It’s easy for talk of the Spurs man to become world-class to surface, and it’s also easy for a few bad games to raise concerns. The fickle pendulum of the football fan continues to swing.

With the goals that the Lilywhites midfielder is capable of scoring, we should just enjoy them. Three braces in three games is outstanding, but comparisons to England’s best ever must wait. Does Dele Alli have the potential to be in a similar category to those players? Yes. But if we ignore these last three games of brilliance, the opinion on him is shifted back to “yeah decent player”. Slow down the hype train. It’s a waste of time to claim he’s going to better a Liverpool legend who was a Ballon d’Or candidate.


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