Mikel John Obi highlights why we should all pity Chelsea fans

The artist formerly known as, John Obi Mikel, has left the Premier League, left Chelsea and headed for the Chinese Super League. And the only surprising bit about that story is that the Nigerian midfielder is just 29 – feels like the big man should definitely be closer to 39.

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The former Manchester United midfielder – don’t believe me? Read this – has established cult hero status down at Stamford Bridge, which is what usually happens with footballers that show themselves to be ‘human’ rather than primadonnas, but are, ultimately, not even good enough to be considered average.

Upon the announcement of his west London exit, the former Lyn midfielder decided for the cliche farewell message, full of empty words.

Major respect to Obi for not going down the iPhone ‘Notes’ farewell message screenshot, though. Also, kudos to him for writing a grammatically perfect letter.

Because he did write it. And it definitely wasn’t his social media manager. And he will definitely read and acknowledge all of the ‘melty’ tweets back to him, Chelsea fans – he is your ‘mate’, after all.

It’s always amusing, for cynical bastards like me, to read replies to footballers tweets; adults threatening to kill a player for a misplaced pass, people who probably don’t show enough passion in their relationships, struggling to contain themselves in 140 characters. Always makes for funny viewing.

The original title of this article was ‘Mikel John Obi highlights how stupid Chelsea fans are’ but going through the replies to Mikel John Obi’s Social Media Manager’s farewell message, resulted in me feeling sorry for, not just Chelsea supporters, but football fans of this ilk, in general.

I mean, it’s just another example – no matter how tragic it is – of fans trying to maintain some form of relevance in a game that no longer needs them.

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