Chelsea have shown yet again they’re one of the worst clubs in football

Adam Brown

Chelsea have recalled Nathan Ake from his loan spell at Bournemouth. Whilst this will be a terrible start to the January transfer window for the Cherries, Blues supporters can take some comfort that this looks to be the end of John Terry’s playing time.

It’s been a disaster when Terry has tried playing for Chelsea in Antonio Conte’s defensive system –  he’s been shocking. Chelsea haven’t even won a game since August when Terry has played the full 90 minutes, and then he can’t even stay on the pitch against Peterborough.

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It seems Conte has had enough, and rightly so – but this isn’t the best long-term solution. Ake has been quality for Eddie Howe’s side, with the Cherries gaffer showing faith in the 21-year-old – game time for young players is vital for their development. However, with the Blues looking to have already decided on their starting three central defenders in David Luiz, Cesar Azpilicueta and Gary Cahill,  where does Ake come in?

The funny thing is, Ake could probably help his parent club more by staying at Bournemouth! It’s ridiculous to bring him back as a player who will only play in cup games – which is now just FA Cup games. Why ruin the potential of one of your young players? If Chelsea really didn’t want to see John Terry filling in anymore, they could have picked up a quick fix option in the transfer market without damaging the career of a potential future star. Will this team ever learn?

Whilst Conte is a quality manager, Chelsea just don’t seem to care about developing players. It’s all too easy for them to splash in the transfer market and replace players – and that’s what they’re doing here, only the man being replaced is John Terry. The manager has lost faith – and Nathan Ake is a player who can do a much better job than the Chelsea legend when filling in for one of the defenders.

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Chelsea will never learn, but they don’t care. This is a team who have hijacked transfers just so another team can’t sign someone, damaged the legacy of players, and even moved on attackers like Kevin De Bruyne, Mohamed Salah, Juan Cuadrado and Romelu Lukaku. Still, after all that, they remain top of the Premier League and look strong. Effectively, they can do what they want – and their control they have means no one can do anything about it.

Whilst recalling Ake is a mistake (and almost criminal against Bournemouth), it doesn’t matter to the Blues if the Dutchman’s development stalls, as they can simply replace him with the next big name or upcoming talent.

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