West Ham will only appreciate him when he leaves

Ethan Tait

West Ham United were the talk of the Premier League after they looked a team renewed last year. Slaven Bilic was at the epicentre of this East London renaissance which led the Hammers into unchartered territory, European qualification.

Since the move to the Olympic Stadium and the deal for the running man himself, Simone Zaza, Bilic and West Ham have been abysmal. The side has struggled on all fronts and are now flirting with the bottom of the table.

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The magic of Dmitri Payet has since disappeared since the Euro 2016 and the backline has been impressive as Taco Bell when sober. Fans and pundits are pointing fingers and some are calling for Slaven Bilic’s head, but that’s not the reality of the situation.

Bilic is far too good for West Ham, but they don’t want to admit it.

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In his first season, Bilic had big wins against Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester United, and Liverpool. He took the Premier League giants head on and didn’t flinch. The Hammers finished seventh in the Premier League due to their form against lower teams in the table.

A coach doesn’t get big wins against big teams without some sort of tactical ability. The eye to acquire Dmitri Payet and somehow get Andy Carroll to contribute was a stroke of genius.

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This season has been far from mediocre. Players have not been preforming, the adjustment to the new stadium hasn’t gone to plan, and Payet is considering leaving the club.

Without Payet – West Ham’s second leading scorer with three goals – the club will struggle to find a creative spark in the midfield and will continue to drop in the table, not at Bilic’s fault. When players don’t perform within a system that has worked, there isn’t much a manager can do.

The demise of the Hammers will lead to Bilic either leaving the club or being replaced, but he will be employed elsewhere because of his undisputed quality as a manager. Slaven Bilic will no longer be restricted to his bubble-blowing hell.


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