Manchester United should learn from Arsenal’s mistakes

Ethan Tait

More times than not, Arsenal have messed up at a time when it mattered most. Whether it was dropping three points in November or attempting to purchase Luis Suarez for £40,000,001, the Gunners really know how to make a mess.

Manchester United are now making the biggest Arsenal mistake in recent memory by attempting to recycle players that have moved on from the club. Why? Arsene Wenger is cheap and miserly, that’s why.

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Arsenal have brought back players like Thierry Henry and Mathieu Flamini in order to help out the side on various occasions. Henry was to help Wenger forget that Niklas Bendtner was on the team sheet and relive the glory days of yesteryear. Flamini is still a mystery. He managed to give the ball away cheaply in the defensive third more times than he actually completed passes.

Wenger is notorious for his lack of spending, but Jose Mourinho and Manchester United are not. The rumour mill has spit out the notion that Patrice Evra could be on his way back to Old Trafford.

Manchester United are not short on capital and that’s what makes this move that much more outlandish. The likes of Ricardo Rodriguez, David Alaba, and Fouzi Ghoulam should be more sought after than the 35-year-old Evra.

A move for a former club star would just bring heartbreak for United fans in the form of far too high of expectations. Patrice Evra was at the club when Sir Alex Ferguson ruled England and Europe and when he was young and spry. His imminent return would tarnish his legacy at the club, but also prove that he’s a step behind the rest.

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Evra would be a liability for Manchester United in the Premier League as they attempt to claw their way into a top-four spot. Some would argue that the experience of Evra could benefit a young(ish) side like United, but some way or another Evra would feature with Luke Shaw being made of glass.

Mourinho can save himself from disappointment and a spot in the top-four and not follow in the footsteps of his great friend, Arsene Wenger.


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