The Premier League’s top six best 5-a-side teams

Your midweek 5-a-side games are the highlight of the week; as much as we all love hearing the Champions League music, it still doesn’t compare to strapping up and trying to claim three points in a budget tournament run by dodgy Dave.

As Dave collects the fiver off you and your mates, like some HMRC man picking up his annual bonus after the full-time whistle, you’re there, either gracefully or angrily, handing over your shrapnel which you didn’t spend on a Pret coffee to pay for your match fee.

Anyway, as good as you and your mates are in a makeshift 1-2-1 formation, we don’t think you’d get a sniff of the ball against the top six Premier League 5-a-side teams. They’d make for one hell of a tournament, which instead of being run by dodgy Dave, it would probably be by deluded Dean…

So, who would come out on top? We’ve plumped for a…

6th: Manchester City
5th: Liverpool
4th: Manchester United
3rd: Tottenham
2nd: Chelsea
1st: Arsenal

Tough call, but Arsenal have got absolutely everything to make the perfect 5-a-side team.

Agree with the five players picked from each team? 

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