The Mitrović incident means it’s time for a permanent ban


Sure, they look cool and you don’t need to spend time after a game unscrewing your studs to knock the mud out – but maybe it’s time to put a ban on bladed boots.

Newcastle United striker Aleksander Mitrovic will be out of action for months after suffering these horrendous gashes to his leg in the Toon’s FA Cup draw at Birmingham City. He’d have done less damage if a shark had been chewing on it.

The big Serbian was left sucking on a oxygen mask in agony on the pitch after colliding with City keeper Adam Legzdins during Daryl Murphy’s opener for the Toon, as captured in this fan footage.

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Mitrovic isn’t afraid to dish out the rough stuff himself, but you’ve got to wonder if the damage he sustained in the 50:50 collision, would have been reduced if the keeper had been wearing traditional studs – bit of bad bruising, but nothing close to splitting him wide open.

Mitrovic was stretchered off the pitch but hobbled out on crutches to catch the bus home with his teammates after the game.

Blades have been responsible for a number of high-profile injuries in the game – including damage to Manchester United’s Roy Keane and Wayne Rooney – which prompted former gaffer Alex Ferguson to ban them from the club.

Mitrovic is proving a fan’s favourite at St. James’s Park, despite his lack of game time under manager Rafa Benitez, with Dwight Gayle getting the nod over the 22-year-old as the Magpies look to bounce back into the Premier League at the first attempt.

But with his thigh going to resemble Frankenstein’s head with numerous stitches for the foreseeable future, it looks like he’s going to to endure a frustrating time on the sidelines. Ah, well, chin up, Mitro. At least you’ll get more time to spend at home with your girlfriend and new baby.


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