Arsenal fans’ open letter to Alexis Sanchez

Ethan Tait

Alexis Sanchez has been acting out at the lack of performance from his Arsenal teammates as they continue to drop points and fall behind the Premier League race, like we all didn’t see it happening. But, Sanchez has no reason to be grumpy. 

Here is a letter to the Arsenal man explaining why he needs to have some chill.

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Dearest Alexis,

It is understood that the season may not be going how everyone planned as the year started so brightly. But as you have learned in your time at the club, fourth place is our unfortunate destiny. It is cruel, but destiny nonetheless.

You were tasked with changing the fate of the club with your tireless work ethic, technical skill, and the ability to perform in big matches unlike your German teammate, Mesut Ozil. If given the chance, you would be saved for the transfer market, not Ozil.

Arsenal fans and your teammates alike needed your reaction at Bournemouth. It was appreciated and shouldn’t be discouraged as you want to win and that is something beautiful and foreign to Arsenal fans. The club has been accustomed to settling for fourth place and a berth to the round of 16 in the Champions League and you’ve obviously impacted that notion and given the club hope.

Being an Arsenal player is like being on a yacht, not a big yacht, but still a yacht.

Alexis, would you rather be a deck hand on the Barcelona yacht while you watch the likes of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Neymar live it up and drink Cristal. Or would you rather have a good time with a little cheaper champagne, say Moët, on a smaller yacht.

You’re good Alexis, no doubt about that. But, at the end of the day, remember who brought you hope in your footballing career and has helped you blossom into a fantastic footballer.

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If you want money, go to China. If you want trophies, go anywhere else. But if you want to be remembered as a legend and create a legacy, accept a smaller salary and stay in North London.

Best wishes,

Arsenal fans everywhere


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