The 9 best Italian players to grace the Premier League

Adam Rowden

Italian players are, like the English, not prone to travelling far. In fact, it’s safe to say that most of the best Italian players in recent times have only left their native land to play their trade elsewhere once they were well out of their prime. Totti hasn’t even left Rome for heaven’s sake!

But despite this, the Premier League has still seen some gifted Italian players, some of which have gone on to gain cult status at their adopted English clubs. Here, ranked in order, are the nine best Italian players to have played in the Premier League.

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These nine are the best Italians to have graced the Premier League. And despite this, between them they have one less cap than Gianluigi Buffon. I guess that goes to show how few of Italy’s true greats have made the transition to the Premier League.
The multi-cultural Premier League has given us some unreal talent, from all corners of the globe. So how do the Italians compare to the Germans?

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