West Ham fans have a new song for Dimitri Payet

So much time for Slaven Bilic going full press conference renegade, and calling out Dimitri Payet; it’s about the only correct thing West Ham have done as a football club since…it’s about the only correct thing West Ham have done as a football club.

“Let’s get serious. I have a situation with a player. It is Dimitri Payet. He wants to leave.”

“This team, the staff, we gave him everything, we were always there for him. I feel let down. I feel angry.”

Slaven Bilic

Payet’s fall from grace, although highly predictable, is slightly surprising, given how impressive and important he was to France during their run to the final at Euro 2016.

But that’s what makes it even funnier, too, given the insufferable delusion us poor non-Hammers had to endure during the Frenchman’s debut season:


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Best thing about that tweet, is that it’s actually from this season, therefore meaning that the delusion was so deep, Irons took longer than anyone else to realise the Frenchman was a tubby waste of space, this campaign; he left his heart in France – rumour has it that Marseille are the club that Payet has gone on strike for, in order to force through a return move.

It’s all making sense now, though, as to why a club of West Ham’s small stature were able to sign one of the 2015/16’s players of the season for £10million – clearly the elite clubs of European football knew of the Frenchman’s attitude problems.

If the Hammers remain firm on Bilic’s stance that Andy Reid’s body double isn’t leaving this window, we’ve got a new song for the West Ham fans to sing, that might actually give the London Stadium a bit of atmosphere…

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