Dimitri Payet is on par with Paul Scholes

Football is never short of a shock, which means rarely does news catch you off guard. However, when Slaven Bilic rocked up to his post-match press conference, ahead of West Ham’s clash with Crystal Palace, and dropped a Dimitri Payet-shaped exit bomb, it caught everyone by surprise.

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Of course, Payet isn’t the first footballer to go on strike, and he most certainly won’t be the last – which is great for (your words) “a pointless blog, run by pointless people” that thoroughly enjoys such good, old fashioned news, like a player refusing to play.

When digging into the football archives of renegades, tucked away in a corner was a piece of footballing history that many a Manchester United fan will have been trying to make you forget happened; Paul Scholes went on strike.

That’s right, England’s second greatest centre-midfielder of the Premier League era, once refused to play for the Red Devils under Sir Alex Ferguson – if anything ever warranted a football boot to the head, that sounds like it.


In 2001, Fergie’s boys went down to Liverpool, 3-1 – you know, in that game that the pair pretend is a genuine football derby. And the ginger ninja wasn’t picked for the XI and, naturally, he wasn’t a happy bunny with Sir Alex’s decision. Therefore, in true sulking fashion, the United legend refused to play in a League Cup tie at Arsenal a few days later.

Don’t worry United fans, though, no one reads this website (according to you), so your secret is safe with us…

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