John Terry isn’t good enough for Bournemouth

Lots of speculation has been linking John Terry with a loan move to AFC Bournemouth. People say it would be sensational for a club like Bournemouth to bring in a player of the calibre of the once England captain. Unfortunately, the fact is John Terry isn’t even good enough to get in the Bournemouth team, so any move on Eddie Howe’s part would be a huge mistake – any powers Terry possessed in his reading of the game, have diminished considerably over the past couple of years.

Conte's switch to a back three means Terry's days at Chelsea are numbered - so lock up your wives because he's about to have a lot more spare time. Source: Twitter
Captain. Leader. Legend. Has Been…

Whenever Terry played for Chelsea in their despicable season last year, he was nothing short of horrendous. Time and time again he made decisions that were baffling to watch: coming out of defence to close down strikers, leaving himself totally exposed in no man’s land, making it easy for the opposition to get in and score, abandoning defensive responsibility by instead of marking players in the box he would retreat back onto his own goal line, again, leaving it easy for the opposition to score. And let’s not even go into his lack of pace.

Fortunately for Bournemouth Eddie Howe has put a dampener on the whole story:

“No. No negotiations with Chelsea at all.

“I admire John Terry greatly as a footballer, he’s one of my favourite ever central defenders. When I looked at people when I was playing to try and emulate and get close to, he was one that I followed but there’s been no discussions and no meeting. Nothing.”

Eddie Howe

John Terry doesn’t play for Chelsea for a reason; he isn’t good enough. He lives off his name only and being a presence in the dressing room. Bournemouth shouldn’t even think about bringing in this shadow of a player as they would HAVE to play him, despite not being of the required level. It would only cause issues for them and Eddie Howe as John Terry’s presence in the AFCB dressing room would be a hindrance rather than inspirational.

This will no doubt be John Terry’s last season at Chelsea, and he hopes to go out on a high by lifting the Premier League title, in full kit complete with shin pads, despite not doing anything to earn it. Although he will no doubt feel his immortal presence in the dressing room was ‘key’ in Chelsea becoming champions once again.

He won’t be missed.

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