A tactical tweak or Wijnaldum will cost Liverpool the league

Ethan Tait

Following a largely unexciting encounter between the top English clubs of yesteryear, a lot has been said regarding the Premier League title race. And, Liverpool will not have a shot at the title if Georginio Wijnaldum continues to be anywhere near the pitch. 

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Although more attention was on the Manchester United man, Paul Pogba, and his pitiful performance in the match a day after his Twitter emoji was released. Wijnaldum was saved from being the worst performer on the day, but big results are needed in big matches for Jurgen Klopp’s side for a shot at the title.

In 20 appearances for the club this season, the Dutchman has managed only two goals and two assists. Phillipe Coutinho has more than doubled those stats in six fewer matches.

The 26-year-old is simply not good enough to be on the field for Liverpool and an experienced manager like Klopp should realise that. The transfer window is open and without a proper signing Liverpool will be out of the race by the end of February, along with Manchester City.

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With Sadio Mane out of Merseyside for some time with the AFCON, Coutinho will be utilised on the flank leaving Wijnaldum as the preferred option to Lucas Leiva in the middle of the park.

Gini Wijnaldum has a tendency to take twelve touches when one or two would suffice, misses easy finishes – as the Dutchman did in the second half against United – and just be a liability in the Liverpool midfield.

This should open the door for the Liverpool wantaway, Lucas Leiva, who can prove his worth for the club once more.

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The Brazilian midfielder is actually a more offensive option that the overrated Dutchman. Last season in the Premier League, Leiva played 1094 forward passes in 27 appearances (1961 minutes) while this season Gini Wijnaldum has a mere 495 in 20 appearances (1538 minutes).

There is an obvious difference in the amount of time played, but Wijnaldum isn’t making up that difference in 423 minutes of play. Leiva has a rate of 1.79 minutes/forward pass while Wijnaldum is at a rate of 3.1 minutes/forward pass.

Source: Squawka
Source: Squawka

Jurgen Klopp needs some sort of experience and simplicity in his midfield. Lucas Leiva has been known to give the ball away cheaply in the midfield, but with more minutes under his belt he would manage and still be more efficient that Wijnaldum.

Lucas Leiva is a bit like James Milner in the sense that he’s very simple, rather boring, and gets you results without any flashy moves. Unfortunately for Liverpool fans, Klopp lives in a fantasy world where Wijnaldum is a great midfielder and will carry the Reds to glory.

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It’s alright, next year will be their year.


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