Arsenal’s contract policy shows they still don’t get it

Ethan Tait

Arsenal’s existence is something out of a Tale of Two Cities where in any given season, they can be in the best of form and the worst of form. Fans of the Gunners are believing that they had a boost this season with contract extensions of the French contingent, but they are unfortunately wrong. 

Yes, Olivier Giroud is the in the form of his life and Laurent Koscielny is one of the most underrated centre-backs in world football and Francis Coquelin is decent cover. But those are not the signings that Arsenal need.

Alexis Sanchez needs to be corralled before he starts flirting with options outside of North London and leaves Arsenal for more money. Mesut Ozil, on the other hand, already has a foot out the door (and Arsenal fans shouldn’t care).

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Francis Coquelin is a fantastic backup, but he is not the star defensive midfielder the Gunners need to man the midfield. Patrick Vieira once starred for Arsenal, Wenger needs to go find himself a Vieira.

Santi Cazorla is the final year of his current deal and that should be troubling. With Santi in the lineup, Arsenal have a 65.5% winning percentage. Without the tricky Spaniard, the winning percentage drops below 40%.

Wenger, sign him up.

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Olivier Giroud is a beautiful specimen, streaky striker, and loves the club, but he shouldn’t be spearheading a Premier League title challenge. He’s a fantastic substitute at best. A world-class winger or centre-forward is needed to complement Alexis Sanchez after he gets a massive deal after Ozil pulls a Dmitri Payet.

Laurent Koscielny is a contract extension that should be appreciated, but not celebrated. He’s a solid centre-half, but has been second best in a backline with Shkodran Mustafi. The German addition hasn’t lost a match while in the lineup and his health will be a major key to the Gunners title challenge that will eventually prove to be unsuccessful.


Let’s look forward to next season, shall we?


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