Sergio Ramos: the evolution to the greatest defender of all-time

Ethan Tait

Sergio Ramos was once a goofy looking kid from Sevilla, who made his way to Real Madrid. Since his arrival in the Spanish capital, Ramos has paved the way for the modern, attacking centre-back and has transformed into the best defender of all-time. 

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Real Madrid might not have been as successful in the last decade as their bitter rivals, Barcelona, but Ramos has consistently been the best option at CB in world football. The side has gone through coach after coach and players have come and gone, but Ramos has stuck with the side through it all.

Sergio Ramos also made the switch from right back to centre-back at arguably the biggest (and probably one of the most corrupt) club in the world. That’s no easy feat as he moved to CB to fill the gap left by Fabio Cannavaro, the 2006 FIFA World Player of the year.

All the titles that could be won have been won by Ramos. The World Cup? Check. Euro Cup? Done. Champions League? Got it. La Liga and the Copa del Rey? Easy.

It should also be mentioned his goal scoring feats as a centre-back. In his career, Ramos has managed to score 77 goals for club and country. The man has done it all.

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He captains a star-studded Real Madrid side and somehow keeps Cristiano Ronaldo’s ego from effecting the club too much. He wears the armband of Spain as well and represents his country with pride and has 140 caps to his name at the age of just 30.

At times, he has struggled as a defender, but has aged like a fine wine in his defensive duties. Real Madrid owes him (and Zinedine Zidane) quite a bit for their more recent success. The man is indispensable to the Spanish giants. With 493 appearances and counting, Sergio Ramos will continue to play if Real Madrid want to continue winning, and exactly the same goes for his national side.

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To say that the Real Madrid man is the best of all-time causes some unrest with many fans, particularly Barcelona supporters. The likes of Franz Beckenbauer, Franco Baresi, and Paolo Maldini have graced the footballing world with their abilities and talents, but it can be argued that no one has changed the centre-back role more than the Spaniard.

Why? He’s the king of the late game winner. Whether it is the Champions League final, the Copa del Rey, or La Liga in El Clasico, Ramos has ice in his veins.

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Ramos has ushered in a new age of football where players like Raphael Varane, Gerard Pique, and especially David Luiz can be successful defenders. The game has been changed forever as the centre-back position now requires far more finesse and technical ability. A CB can’t just go around being physical anymore, the demand has changed because of Ramos.

Without a doubt, Sergio Ramos is the GOAT.


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