Diego Costa has got this wrapped up

The status quo has been brutally restored this season, at a point where Leicester City and Jamie Vardy were trying to show that, that was no longer the case.

There’s something depressingly soul-destroying that it wasn’t even six months before the Premier League’s big six flexed their muscles, and made the gap between the rest of the league, probably bigger than it has ever been.

There are no surprises at the mini-table that’s developed at the top, and it’s no surprise that each club’s respective talisman – apart from Liverpool, who have several free-scoring forwards – are leading the way in the goalscoring charts. Which definitely makes Romelu Lukaku’s entry into these discussions that little bit more impressive, given the Toffees are outside the money-fuelled six.

Although, given his unwarranted cocksure celebration, and failed attempt to pinch Tom Davies’ first ever Everton goal, you’re reluctant to consider the Belgium international for the top individual award for strikers.

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So, us CLICKON Soccer writers were asked for who we think will top the scoring charts, come May. And you’re about to read why that man will be Chelsea’s resident villain, Diego Costa – it’s 100% not going to be that flat-track bully, Sergio Aguero.

At the time of writing, it seems like a foolish call, given that the Spanish international is currently outside Heathrow, holding a sign saying ‘China’, that was written using the blood of a puppy. However, once security evict him, and the latest tantrum is put to one side (for now), the Blues man will pick up where he left off.

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Costa isn’t going this January – no matter what my fellow CLICKON Soccerite says – and he isn’t going in the summer. He isn’t leaving Stamford Bridge at any point during the remainder of his peak years. This is all a manipulation game from, yep, of course, none other than Jorge Mendes.

And when Costa has that bit between his teeth, his game is taken to the next level; like Luis Suarez, the former Atletico Madrid man plays on the edge of the game’s rules and regs. And although, prior to China-gate, Costa was praised for his change in mentality and attitude, whilst still maintaining a fine scoring run, there was something missing from the big man’s play.

Costa, no matter how stressful it looks, loves carrying a chip on his shoulder. And there’s no heavier chip than one that forced you to apologise to Antonio Conte, Roman Abramovich and your teammates.

Costa’s attitude for the remainder of the season, will be one of a scorned Stewie ‘I’ll show them’ Griffin. And that’s bad news for all back fours out there. And refs.

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