Flat-track bully or not, Sergio Aguero is the cream of the crop

Sergio Aguero has had a very indifferent season; and, still, we’re saying that for a bloke with a 112 minutes-to-goal ratio, this season. Not bad for a player whose been hit-and-miss this year. 

For a striker who has already missed six whole games this season through injury and suspension, and to still be on 11 Premier League goals shows how much more Aguero has to offer in the second half of the season. And, that’s exactly why the Argentine will finish with the Golden Boot, come May.

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If Sergio actually gave a monkeys, he’d probably be top scorer already. But, just as Manchester City legend, Frank Lampard, revealed, the Citizen forward hardly bats an eye lid in training, and is regularly fined for being late, as it’s all probably a bit easy for the No.10.

When the former Atletico man genuinely cares, the striker is so much more effective. The 28-year-old reportedly trains harder, is more focused in the dressing room, and that’s exactly what will towards the back nine of the Premier League. When the going gets tough, when Pep Grumpiola needs his main man most, he’ll pull through. He always does, he did it for Roberto Mancini, he did it for Manuel Pellegrini, and he’ll do it for Pep.

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The Argentine is the sort of forward who can literally turn it on and off whenever he wants. The No. 10 can be missing in games, and then suddenly the man with a lower centre of gravity than Frodo Baggins has glided past six defenders, and has put the ball in the net. World-class.

There’s no debate, Aguero is by far and beyond the best striker in the league. The only sort of player who can create a goal out of nothing, and purely on his own merit. Sure, the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Harry Kane and Diego Costa can hold the play up, bring others in, and create a goal from a bit of build-up with their pals. And that’s probably why my fellow CLICKON writer deludedly thinks the Spaniard will finish with the Golden Boot; but remember, mate, you can’t win an award playing in another country.

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Aguero’s the man, Aguero’s the one to save Pep from more mediocrity away at places like Goodison Park. He’s done it before with his managers, and he’ll do it again.


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