Jaap Stam’s dream XI has just one Manchester United player

Jaap Stam is a scary man. Honestly, there aren’t many other ways to put it. The legendary defender forged a tremendous legacy for himself throughout his career, and over the years the Dutchman played with and against some of the best ever. Therefore, it’s only appropriate that we all take a long hard look at his dream starting XI that mixes teammates with opponents.

This list, as reported by FourFourTwo, is certainly an interesting one. We’ve got some of the greatest names in world football that span all over the globe, which makes for an extremely intimidating team. So without further ado, let’s all bask in the glory of these footballing gods.

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So basically, if you were to summon another dream team to face this one, they would lose. Bring your Maradonas and bring your Messis – it doesn’t matter. These lot know how to get the job done with a mixture of skill, power and a mental toughness that would just ooze throughout the team. Magic.

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