Seven things to fondly remember as we mourn the World Cup

Isn’t the World Cup just great? There’s literally so much to love about the tournament, and over the last few decades we’ve had seen some truly phenomenal moments.

Unfortunately, the fun sponges at FIFA just love to destroy everything we hold most dear to us and have made some baffling decisions in the last few years. So then, with that in mind, let’s look back at seven things we can remember whilst sobbing ourselves to sleep, whilst mourning the World Cup.

Thirty-two teams, summer tournament – enough said. Our blood is boiling just thinking about the kind of higher ups that have made these decisions, but we digress. This is all about positivity, and damn it we’re going to maintain that. So sit back and enjoy as we take a good old trip down memory lane.

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So with all these things in mind, there’s only one course of action necessary. Go online and buy a collection of old World Cup DVDs, binge watch them all then call up FIFA and yell abuse down the phone. If that isn’t the definition of justice, then nothing is.

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