Korean Shoutcaster CloudTemplar Dismantles The North American Region With Scathing Criticism

Korean League of Legends caster and former LCK player Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-woo has provided a damning report on Team SoloMid’s Mid-Season Invitational performance. During an on-stream reflection of the international event, the former CJ Entus Frost jungler offered a strong critique of TSM and the NA LCS, suggesting the region possessed ‘the wrong mentality, mindset and central direction’ succeed.

Openly discussing the result of the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational Group Stage and the forthcoming knockout rounds, CloudTemplar was happy to diverge onto the tangent of Team SoloMid, scathing both the eSports organisation and their resident region North America.

“I think NA has the wrong mentality, mindset, and central team direction,

“Unless they fix that from a systematic level from the beginning, I think fans shouldn’t be hopeful for NA in worlds either.”

Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-woo

Source: Riot Games Flickr

The popular member of OGN’s broadcast team went so far as to describe Team SoloMid as North America’s equivalent of Korea’s SK Telecom T1… though importantly without the international success. Certainly TSM are unrivalled within the NA region, having made nine consecutive LCS finals and qualifying for every World Championship to date.

CloudTemplar argued that TSM’s regional dominance had provided fans with delusions of grandeur, admitting that he had also expected better of the heavyweight organisation. CT’s perpetual disappointment in North American teams has led to a ‘personal bias’ against the region, though he was keen to clarify that as an eSports analyst, he wished the heavyweight organisation would provide a better account of themselves.

“As a commentator looking at TSM and NA, I wish they would do better as a region and a team.

“NA is getting ridiculous investments as a region, and TSM is at the top so they need to be better than this, but they were very bad. They’re fine individually, but the shot-calling is off, team play is off.

“It feels like all the players are over-confident. I can’t easily identify a strength TSM has.

“The one strength I can find is that they have a strong laning phase, that they are skilled individually. Other than that, they don’t have a strength.”

Source: Riot Games Flickr

The puzzling nature of the EU vs NA rivalry was another theme discussed on stream. Though G2 eSports secured a third place group stage finish, defeating Team SoloMid on the final day to secure their spot, CloudTemplar was left perplexed by the way in which the events unfolded.

The final result followed an all-too-familiar pattern for international tournaments, in which North America is expected to perform better than Europe, yet fail to perform on-stage. CloudTemplar referenced the 2016 Word Championship as evidence to support his claim: famously no North American squad advanced beyond the quarter-finals, though H2K-Gaming reached the semis.

“When you watch the LCS, TSM is good.”

“They are great when they can be, so you think they can make something happen at international events.

“It felt for certain that NA looks stronger than EU as a region, but come international tournaments EU does better and NA doesn’t do well.”

Source: Riot Games Flickr


North America’s destiny was entirely in the hands of Team SoloMid, a team presented with a clear path to not only advance, but also to dodge SK Telecom T1 in the first knockout round. Many fans echo CloudTemplar’s criticism of Team SoloMid, a team that have been presented with so many chances to succeed, that they deserve no more excuses.


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