The beautifully random one-off Premier League goalscoring seasons

Being a consistently quality Premier League goalscorer¬†is no fool’s task. It takes years of hard work and dedication, and being able to maintain that god given talent on the highest stage is extremely difficult. That’s why we get so many of these gents, who are the kings of the pub quiz answers. With that being said, here are eight of the very best strikers with random one-off goalscoring seasons.

Now these players were indeed at the top of their game, but it may not necessarily have been because of a world-class ability. Some of them were lucky and others had great service around them, but one way or another, they couldn’t replicate their success on a yearly basis. Shame.

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If you’re sat there thinking “who?” then you’re either too young to remember these guys¬†or you just don’t appreciate a good old footballing journeyman. Either way, shame on you because these strikers are the backbone of world football. Well, kind of.

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