Sanchez’s final Arsenal bow out will be his greatest

Ethan Tait

Despite his recent antics and child-like behaviour on the touchline, Alexis Sanchez is having one of his best seasons in an Arsenal shirt. The Chilean is terrorising backlines and will continue to do so all the way to the Golden Boot. 

No player has been more involved in the Premier League this season than Alexis Sanchez. With 14 goals and seven assists in league thus far, Arsenal’s energiser is righting the Gunners ship that will surely sink.

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Out of the possible candidates, the Chilean is the most well-rounded footballer and is able to create chances as well as finish those provided to him by the likes of Mesut Ozil, Theo Walcott, and Hector Bellerin.

Out of the biggest contributors in the Premier League this season, Alexis Sanchez is the most efficient. Chile’s greatest export has a goal or assist every 85 minutes this season. Instead of passing to the Italians in the movie Kicking and Screaming, give the rock to the Chilean.

Source: Daily Mail
Source: Daily Mail

The next best? Diego Costa with a direct contribution every 88 minutes. But let’s be honest, no one actually knows if Diego Costa will still be in England by the end of the transfer window. If the Spanish/Brazilian so chooses to be a cop out and end his career in China, he won’t be producing much of anything for Chelsea.

Sergio Aguero can hardly be considered a top striker anymore. The Argentine is more hot and cold than Olivier Giroud and has really only managed to score against smaller sides in league this season. His biggest contributions of the season in the Premier League? Doubles against West Brom and Stoke City. Aguero will stay cold in the second half of the season while Manchester City sink and Pep Guardiola quietly sobs as he realises the Premier League is a bit more difficult than he previously thought.

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After Everton’s demolition of Manchester City, Romelu Lukaku and Ronald Koeman are smelling like roses. Unfortunately for the Belgian striker, he will miss out on the Golden Boot once again. Lukaku is streaky and has the tendency to disappear for games at a time. The big Belgian striker is more accurate with his shots than Alexis Sanchez (65% to 60%), but the Everton man has taken far less shots than the Arsenal star (54 shots to 72 shots).

Zlatan can say what he wants about his conquest of England, but when it comes down to it. Manchester United aren’t in the title race and no one cares. Manchester United and Zlatan will hit a roadblock and they will cool off and finish in fifth place. Zlatan is in fantastic form as of late, but England will take its toll and the self-proclaimed conquerer of England will fall short.

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Harry Kane is the biggest competition for Alexis Sanchez in the race for the Golden Boot, but the Englishman isn’t in the business of creating chances and is heavily reliant on those around them. The Dele Alli-Kane train is beautiful at times and the Tottenham striker is one of the most deadly in the Prem, yet Kane won’t catch Sanchez. Kane is fragile and will end up injured. He’ll be close to winning the Golden Boot, much like Tottenham in the league, but he’ll come up short.

Sanchez won’t only win the Golden Boot, he’ll manage to snag the PFA Player of the Year award as well, and then he’ll leave the club for P$G.


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