Ibrahimovic will again prove himself to be the undisputed champion

Adam Brown

There’s plenty of debate this season over who will get the honour of being the Premier League’s top scorer? Is Ibrahimovic too old? ‘He can only do it in the French league!’ – but it’s already looking pretty inevitable that the Swede will wrap up the award come the end of the season.

Unfortunately for the rest of the league, Zlatan Ibrahimovic fits Jose Mourinho’s style perfectly. The Manchester United manager still loves to play his negative football – and if you put enough crosses into the box, the Swedish forward is going to score eventually; not many can compete with him in the air.

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Even the thought that the United forward ‘might’ be there is enough to cause a mistake – a nightmare for both the defence and goalkeeper. No one quite knows how he’s going to attack a ball either – an expected header could turn into an out-stretched volley. United will dominate games and Zlatan will continue to punish smaller teams.

Soak up pressure? No. The last thing teams want to do is invite crosses into the box. Consequently, the method of parking-the-bus is much harder against a team with Ibrahimovic in it. He has so much service, and he matches up perfectly against how each game is going to flow.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic has the ability to score a wide range of goals – he’s not limited like Harry Kane. Yep, whilst he does face great competition in the faces of Diego Costa, Romelu Lukaku and Sergio Aguero – it’s factors away from individual player quality, that will determine this year’s Premier League top scorer.

For a start, how can Everton create as many chances for Romelu Lukaku as Manchester United can for Zlatan? In typical Blues fashion, they will probably slip up in their next game after beating Man City by four; they’re simply too inconsistent.

When your discipline is worse than Diego Costa’s, you know you’re going down hill. Sure, Aguero will put four past a Bournemouth or Swansea, but will he even stay fit for the season?

Speaking of the Brazilian and Spanish striker, no one even knows if he will still be in England at the end of January. The player is behaving ridiculously over his proposed £30-million-a-year deal in China. Does he not earn enough money for Chelsea?

Some CLICKON writers believe that other strikers are destined to be the top scorer, and whilst they do make some reasonable suggestions as to why, they’re omitting too many factors from their predictions. Whilst many fans hate to see it, the Red Devils are in-form at the moment, and there’s nothing stopping their talisman adding further goals to his tally.

As a measure of consistency, the Swede has managed to contribute to a goal in 12 of his last 13 games. Unstoppable. Until teams learn how to defend against him, don’t expect his goals return to tail off. Anyway, it’s been nearly 20 years and teams still don’t know… they’re never going to figure it out.

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