Harry Kane proving he’s no longer the Prince, but that he’s the King

Speculation is raging over who is going to win the Golden Boot this season but quite frankly, I can’t see the fuss – there’s only one clear choice, and that’s Harry Kane.

16 appearances, 13 goals. And counting.

What a ratio.

Not only that, the 23-year-old was out of action for a huge chunk of Spurs’ season so far, missing five games in the league. Who knows what Kane’s tally could be if he’d stayed fit for those games, as well!

The lad can do everything – run in behind, hold-up play, aerial threat, fox-in-the-box – you name it, Harry Kane can do it and to a damn good level at that.

(Strength, flair and trickery. Boss.)

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Let’s not forget that Kane is also the current holder of the Golden Boot – once a winner, always a winner as they say.

Yes, you can argue that Sergio Aguero has the centre of gravity of a hobbit, or that Diego Costa is the most physical player in the Premier League; but what Kane gives you is consistency – 8/10 performances, week in, week out.

In fact, what separates Kane from the rest is his focused nature – he’s never distracted by anything other than finding the back of the net.

Take Costa for example – there’s always controversy with the Brazilian-born Spaniard, something which is never an issue with Kane. He was in red-hot form and now he’s thrown his toys out of the pram because of a £600,000-a-week offer from China.

He’s been told off like a naughty schoolboy and something tells me he can’t wait to get out of London quick enough…

(note the words on the blackboard…)

Aguero is injured too often – spending half your season on the treatment table won’t get you the Golden Boot! Not only that, the diminutive Argentine goes missing too often when the going gets tough.

Take the recent 4-0 defeat at Everton, for example – what City needed was a game-changer, someone who could grab the game by the scruff of the neck and drag them back into the game.

Aguero is not that man.

“Losing away from home on a cold January afternoon? Sorry, Pep; not for me.”

Looking at the rest of the candidates for the Golden Boot and realistically only Ibrahimovic stands a chance of beating the Englishman to the award – and personally, I think Zlatan will find out sooner rather than later that he needs a new level of fitness to keep pace with the Premier League for 38 games, something which he just simply won’t have in his locker at the age of 35.

Kane on the other hand is reliability personified. The most natural finisher in the league, playing for his boyhood club (in before “he’s an Arsenal fan LOL”)  along with a newfound sense of purpose with the birth of his first child – really, I don’t know how you could even consider another option.

Romelu Lukaku? You must be joking!

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Assisted by the likes of Eriksen and Dele Alli, there is only one clear-cut winner of the Golden Boot this season – and his name is Harry Kane.

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