Liverpool are right; Sky Sports are biased towards Manchester United

Adam Brown

Martin Tyler has generally been a fine commentator for the majority of his tenure, but it’s all getting too much now. He’s shown glimpses of his deteriorating commentary, and now people are taking notice. 

Whilst some people may feel great excitement from his commentary – others will simply cringe at the clear bias he shows.



Of course, this commentary was for Manchester City’s winning goal for the Premier League title, but honestly, the commentary suits the clip of Aguero’s tackle a lot better. Who is ever going to see a late goal to decide a trophy again? Why are neutral fans going to cherish a moment for two clubs they don’t care about? But this isn’t the only time Tyler has exaggerated his commentary.


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It’s a nice piece of skill by Anthony Martial, but he isn’t the first ever player to dribble by Martin Skrtel – so the reaction is unnecessary. Commentators must remain impartial – it isn’t a unique method which makes him stand out from others, it’s simply the wrong way to commentate on a game. It was at this point, that almost all Liverpool fans never wanted to listen to the Sky commentator again.


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Henderson scores a brilliant goal against Chelsea, and Martin Tyler almost sounds disappointed as he quickly gathers some positive words to say about it. Poor commentary. If he’s going to shout down the mic when Martial nutmegs Skrtel, he should be going mental for the Liverpool captain’s goal.


Are Liverpool fans being paranoid? Maybe. But any football fan would rather not have a player whose just scored be given a ridiculous nickname. Of course, commentators are allowed to support teams – but on air to millions of viewers, impartiality is expected at all times. If people wanted to listen to bias commentary – Sky Fan-zone would return. But obviously, that isn’t what fans want – it gets quite boring to listen to.

Perhaps the Sky Sports man just needs a refresher course. The best man to deliver that course would be John Motson, who is without doubt one of the best commentators in history. Not many even comes close to Motson’s level of commentary; he could make a game between two local pub sides sound entertaining.

United fans will probably love him, but he has a lot to learn from his co commentator, Gary Neville. Regardless of rivalry, you can always expect professionalism from Neville. The Red Devils legend always keeps composed, except for that one time at the Nou Camp…  Step aside Martin Tyler.


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