Why do we not judge footballers by the same moral compass we judge ourselves?

Alexis Sanchez is one of the Premier League’s top players and there’s no way that can be denied. The Chilean superstar has put on some truly incredible performances for Arsenal, and it’s understandable that the viewing audience are encapsulated with that. However, we’re forced to take a trip down awkward lane so that we can discuss the fact he’s admitted to tax fraud.

The 28-year-old forward has come out and revealed that he committed two counts of tax fraud that adds up to around £865,000. Whilst there are rumours that he could face a jail sentence, we all know better than that by this point.

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The thing that you’re all forgetting in this story, if you didn’t already know, is that Alexis Sanchez is a professional footballer. That means that the usual rules and regulations that, you know, keep the world in order don’t apply to people like him. Sure he was a brave old soul for coming out and copping to it, but in reality the bloke didn’t have much of a choice.

So why does this keep happening? Well, because these men are paid so handsomely that they believe themselves to be above the law. Whether it’s John Terry and Wayne Rooney dragging their names through the mud or Lionel Messi also avoiding jail time for a similar crime, all we can really do is shrug our shoulders and take it.

Should we have to? No – absolutely not. It doesn’t matter that these guys can bend in beautiful free kicks from 30 yards out or can mastermind a lovely counter attack. Life is life and crime is crime. We live in a society where the hierarchy of importance is so crooked, that the justice system is able to turn things in the favour of the more fortunate in this world.

People like Joey Barton and Lee Hughes spent about a quarter of the time behind bars that they should’ve, and that in itself was a miracle that they were even convicted. It’s a sickening cycle that isn’t going to end anytime soon, but who knows, perhaps the fact Alexis came out and got in front of the issue shows a bit of remorse.

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Maybe, just maybe, his agent or manager told him to do so in order to strike up a deal that would get him out of trouble. It’s ridiculous. When you Google this man’s name there are three articles that are regarded as ‘top stories’ – one is about a transfer rumour, one a contract extension and the other about the actual tax fraud case.

One in three. That should be three out of three and we should be shaming this guy all over the news. It doesn’t matter if you support Arsenal or Tottenham, because if Sanchez is with or against you in a footballing landscape this should disgust hard working men and women that are being mugged off whilst stuff like this happens.

That being said, the obvious favouritism does occur and in a way the tinted glasses make sense. That heroic pedestal that supporters put their heroes on is something that nobody wants to see be tarnished, therefore, these high profile cases of poor judgement are swept under the rug.

Arsenal supporters may still choose to bring up issues from the past of their rivals, but that hypocrisy isn’t often something that’s done purposely. We bury our thoughts and feelings in the face of these troubles, because it’s just so much harder for people to face them.

The story broke nearly a day ago and some papers have already moved on to the next big story regarding the transfer window. How about we get our priorities straight people, because this era of selfish greed among the footballers we worship so much needs to meet its gruesome end.

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