Chelsea’s 2012 UCL Winners XI: Where are they now?

We all go through that period of football nostalgia that makes us want to throw ourselves off a cliff. Why? Because we miss the past, that’s why. For Chelsea fans, things tend to be pretty solid year in and year out but there have been a few speed bumps along the way – thank god. For that reason, let’s take a trip down memory lane and have a look at what their 2012 UEFA Champions League Starting XI are doing nowadays. Not that they need the reminder, that is.

Of course this was less than five years ago so you wouldn’t expect too many of them to be grey and old, but it’s still interesting to see. For all their horrendous behaviour in the transfer market and their generally poor fanbase, the Blues managed to topple a quality Bayern Munich side in their own backyard, so naturally, we want to see what these miracle workers are up to in 2017.

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So as Chelsea fans around the world collectively pleasure themselves at the thought of the triumph, we can only sit back in jealousy. A team that wasn’t necessarily the strongest from a technical point of view still managed to overcome the odds and secure the victory, which is a pretty jolly story when you think about it. After all if you’re going to win, do it in style.

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