Hidden gems to buy at the end of your first season of Football Manager 2017

There are all kinds of strategies when it comes to the transfer market in the world of Football Manager 2017. Some invest in wonderkids for the future; some root around the bargain bin for free transfers and cheap transfer-listed players; some go all out and buy big for instant success.

For those that are looking for the best investments to buy low then sell high, below are five incredible ‘value for money’ players you need to grab at the end of your first season, to then sell on for huge profits after just one year at the end of 2017/18 season. Cha-ching!

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All of the above were bought after the first season had finished in the summer of 2017, and in just one year, their value increased significantly to be then sold on for huge profits. Berahino goes from a free transfer to £30m+ even after a pitiful season of just seven goals. Imagine if he bangs in 20+? The only question then is what do you do with your new massive transfer budget? Look to invest again or go all out and buy big for instant success?

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