Pep Guardiola cannot be trusted in the transfer market

Liam Newman

Replacing Joe Hart with Claudio Bravo wasn’t an isolated transfer error…

Make no mistake, Pep Guardiola is one of the finest coaches of a generation. However, that doesn’t make him incapable of mistakes. Those sentiments are arguably best highlighted by his history in the transfer market. The Spaniard certainly dropped the ball (ironically something his goalkeeper has been guilty of on several occasions) this summer. And it’s not the first time he’s made a bad call.


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Of course, the good significantly outweighs the bad. You only need look at his haul of medals to see that. Having said that, I doubt it’ll come as any comfort to Manchester City fans as they look at the current league table.

Ahh well, at least Guardiola didn’t see his side get humiliated by Everton…

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