Tottenham’s 2008 League Cup Winners XI: Where are they now?

Forever the bridesmaid in north London, Tottenham haven’t had much to sing about in recent years. The team that came third in a two-horse race and haven’t finished above Arsenal since 1995. It’s now been nine years since they last won some silverware and even that was only the League Cup.

Never the less, the 2008 League Cup Final was a cracking contest with Spurs coming out on top over Chelsea, after extra time. This was back in the days where teams played their first teams in the competition, as well. Nine years is a long time, though, and not one starter from that day remains at the club, so here is where the cup winners XI have ended up.

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Lampard once said that whenever Chelsea lost to Tottenham then Spurs would make DVDs of the occasion for 10 years. So you can only imagine for how long they’d make DVDs of beating Chelsea in a cup final – I guess we’ll find out sometime, whenever they stop. I suppose the only other way they’d stop is if they won something else.

Yeah…me neither.

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