The six films Pep Guardiola could’ve taken his players to

Neil Renton

You don’t need to be a genius to see that Manchester City have been struggling in recent weeks. And in a move to try and regain some team spirit, boss Pep Guardiola took them to the cinema.

The choice of film was La La Land, the musical comedy starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. It’s been a massive hit with critics and audiences alike and looks to feature heavily when it comes to awards being handed out. Unlike Manchester City.

After conceding that his side won’t win the title, Pep realised he needed to get them geared up for the arrival of Spurs. The mind boggles over who smuggled in their own sweets or who was desperate for a shot on the bike machine in the arcade after. But what other films could they have seen that are at the movies just now?

Rouge One

A spin off from the Star Wars galaxy about the rebels mission to steal plans for the Death Star. Or it could be based on Yaya Toure. One minute he’s away because City forgot his birthday, the next he’s back but he might be going to China. When he puts his mind to it he’s indispensable but seems easily distracted just now.


It’s a heavyweight Martin Scorsese epic about a couple of Jesuit priests who go in search of their missing mentor in Japan. It could also be about those ten seconds after Pep gets asked a straightforward question when he’s being interviewed following a City defeat.


Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in a brainy sci-fi story set in space. Or perhaps it’s a good way to describe the rest of City’s strike force in relation to Sergio Aguero. If it wasn’t for the Argentinian’s contribution when it comes to goals then they could be in a far worse position.

Manchester By The Sea

Casey Affleck has put himself in contention for an Oscar by starring in this tale of loss and redemption. A man returns to his hometown when faced with the death of his brother. Despite the depressing subject it’s heavy on laughs. Unlike the Etihad Stadium, just now.

Why Him?

A comedy starring Bryan Cranston as an over-protective dad who disapproves of his daughter’s billionaire boyfriend. But it could feature goalie Claudio Bravo whose inept displays have left City fans wondering why he plays for them.

The Bye Bye Man

A horror film about a supernatural entity who goes after people whenever they say or think his name. Or if Guardiola fails to deliver for much longer it could be himself who’ll be saying ‘Bye, bye.’

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