Crowned As The MSI MVP, SKT Wolf Establishes The Top-Tier Support Status He Craved

Korea has consistently produced some of the top support talents in the League of Legends scene since their entrance into the scene, with names such as Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong,  Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyeon, and Hong “MadLife” Min-gi becoming almost mythical names in League of Legends history. Often considered to be a tier below, the most successful Korean support has been SKT’s Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan. Highly regarded by his teammates and coaches alike, Wolf finally garnered the recognition he deserves by earning the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational Most Valuable Player. 

One of the four players to attend every MSI event, Wolf has been a staple in the League of Legends scene for a number of years. He has been a part of two World Championship winning teams with SK Telecom T1 (Season 5 and Season 6), yet has never been highlighted as a world class talent when it comes to supports.

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When Lolesports released a list of the top 20 players at the 2016 World Championship, Wolf was conspicuously absent from the list. With four other supports on the list instead of Wolf, it was clear he was not considered a top tier support by the game’s analysts, certainly not deemed to be on the same level of his own teammates (SKT had three other players who made the list).

With a good performance at the World Championships, Wolf continued to work to change his perception at this year’s MSI. As SKT cruised through the group stages, Wolf was arguably the best support of the group stages and his play continued to be strong in the Playoffs. After their sweep of the LMS’s Flash Wolves, Wolf did not hold back when it came to where he believes he stands among the world’s supports:

Source: Riot Games Flickr

“If there is still any person who doubts me as the best support then they don’t know how to play the game.”

Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan

Wolf’s play would only get better as SKT faced off against G2 eSports in the MSI Finals, making what could easily be considered the play of the series with a flash-root-ultimate on Zyra that snared and knocked up three members of G2’s squad. In a critical play of game three, Wolf stepped up to swing the game and help the Korean overlords secure their second consecutive Mid-Season Invitational title.

SKT’s legendary coach Kim “KkOma” Jung-gyun has always been very complimentary of Wolf as a player, specifically highlighting his consistent dedication and hard work. Because of this, it is unlikely we will see any sort of significant drop-off in his play, as he has shown the ability to master multiple champion styles and adapt quickly to the meta alongside lane partner Bae “Bang” Jun-sik.

After being crowned as the 2017 MSI MVP, Wolf is starting to gain the universal respect and attention he deserves as a top tier support, certainly a stand out figure amongst the players considered to be the worlds’ top-tier supports:

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