The miserable existence that Sunderland must accept under David Moyes

Sunderland boss David Moyes is the worst kind of manager to have in a relegation battle; he is miserable, lacks any kind of enthusiasm and blatantly doesn’t understand how sharing his ‘honest’ opinions to the media, about how poor his players are and ‘admitting’ Sunderland can’t buy any players to change that, is killing the club’s chances of survival- he is basically openly admitting that Sunderland will be relegated.

Moyes’ latest press conference is a big slap in the face to all Sunderland fans; ones that are clinging on to some desperate hope that the club can bring in one or two additions to help them pull away from the relegation zone, this month. There’s only a few days left until the transfer window slams shut but Moyes has killed those hopes:

Great stuff. So any Sunderland fans thinking they may be saved by some fresh faces or extra bit of quality brought in, you can think again. It ain’t happening, so forget about it. All you have to look forward to is David Moyes telling you week after week that you’re gonna be in a relegation scrap right up until the end of the season; he has previous form with these ‘motivational’ speeches.

After his FIRST home game as new Sunderland manager, he left many people scratching their heads with his shocking negative messages. He stated Sunderland fans shouldn’t expect anything else but a relegation battle for the forthcoming season. What kind of a rallying cry is this for a new manager to come out with? Surely a new manager has more lofty ambitions than this? Especially after just one home game. Even in his darkest thoughts if he expected to be in a scrap at the bottom in his first season, do you need to tell everyone? What good can come from it?

On August 21st when asked about supporters fearing another season-long struggle, Moyes said:

“Well, they would probably be right. That’s where they’ve been every other year for the last four years, so why would it suddenly change?

I don’t think you can hide the facts. People will be flat because they are hoping that something is going to dramatically change – it can’t dramatically change, it can’t.”

David Moyes – Sunderland manager

Plus these comments are also a blatant, shameful deflection tactic for anyone out there daring to question Moyes’ ability. From almost day one he has basically stuck to the same rule; the team wasn’t good before I arrived, we haven’t brought in any new players, so when we go down it wasn’t my fault. Forgetting the fact the whole point of a manager is to improve the players you have to be a better team based on your skills. Being a manager isn’t solely about bringing in better players. Any mug off of the street can do that.

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David Moyes’ reputation has had a bit of battering ever since leaving Everton after over a decade of service. He didn’t last a season at Man Utd. Then failed to do anything worthy over in Spain at Real Sociedad. Apart from some ridiculous attempts at speaking Spanish in press conferences. His latest reign at Sunderland could end up topping the lot in terms of utter failure.

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