Tom Davies is in danger of becoming Ross Barkley 2.0

Ethan Tait

The English media loves to make transfer rumours much bigger than they are and overhype players like no other. The next Cristiano Ronaldo is on his way from Bolton, the next Lionel Messi resides in Swansea, and Ross Barkley isn’t just an average English midfielder. 

However, it’s difficult for the English players, in particular, because when they do something of note, the whole of the British press and social media blows-up in bigger style than a Quentin Tarantino movie.

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Still, how good really is Ross Barkley?

At the moment, Everton have quite the talent breaking into the first team by the name of Tom Davies; and the Englishman is in danger of following Barkley’s career path.

Although the 18-year-old has made appearances for Everton in the past, his recent run of form and the absence of Yannick Bolasie due to injury has opened the doors to a spot in the starting XI for the Toffees. Since the new year, Davies has started and played the full 90 minutes in all four of Everton’s matches including a man of the match performance in the 4-0 destruction of Manchester City at Goodison Park.

Let’s take a look at another Everton player who’s exponential talent led him to almost being sold by Ronald Koeman due to his lack of consistency and general lack of contribution to the side.

Ross Barkley was destined for underachievement from the start. It is difficult to say something of that nature when the player in question is only 23-years-old, but this is the case with Barkley. Former Everton manager, Roberto Martinez, thought the Englishman was the saviour of the side and was obviously held in far too high esteem. But Barkley’s lack of production has spoken for itself, despite scoring the occasional curler, and new manager, Koeman, sees right through the facade of Ross Barkley.

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In 134 Premier League matches, Barkley has mustered just 19 goals and 14 assists. That hardly deserves to be in the discussion for a spot in the Everton side, let alone the national team. The unrealistic pressure put upon Barkley has caused him to flounder as a footballer. Although he still may prove us wrong and someone resurrect his career and live up to the hype, we can assume he won’t and he’ll be a decent midfielder ending his career at a lesser club than Everton as Koeman will probably replace him in the near future.

Whether Barkley will be leaving Everton in the near future is yet to be decided, but Everton can do themselves a favour and not succumb to peer pressure and avoid overhyping Tom Davies. The young, Heath Ledger (RIP, Heath) looking fellow, is a quality footballer, but is only 18. In order to prevent another fall from grace, Everton need to monitor the youngster and really try and prevent another Barkley incident. He’s no Cristiano Ronaldo and he won’t be winning the World Cup next week, so everyone needs to chill.

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The English media is ruthless and is really to blame for a lot of the issues for the national team and the overpricing of players (i.e. Raheem Sterling, Stewart Downing, Andy Carroll). The hype trains need to stop in order for England to have an opportunity to maybe recreate the magic of 1966 or perhaps just be competitive in the Champions League again.

Lay off Tom Davies, he has a long way to go.


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